The Victims (2024) [Chinese]

Ten years ago, on a summer night, police officer Yuan Wenshan (played by Feng Shaofeng) received a robbery and murder case.

During the gradually deepening investigation process, the suspects present that night emerged one by one. However, the truth of the case was far from simple on the surface.

Three cases went hand in hand, and a conflict of interests and righteousness intensified. What were the people involved in it? Is it a struggle between emotions and laws, or is it driven by desire?

At a moment when the case had a slight appearance, Yuan Wenshan discovered an important clue that he had overlooked.

The Victims (2024) [Chinese]

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: 2024

Stars: William Feng, Hong Tao, Huang Jue, Su Xin, Zhang Hiayu

Language: Chinese


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